Responsive, SEO-driven web content


Family-owned veterinary practice, Best Friends Vets, wanted an updated, responsive and easily searchable website. So they approached Connected Vet for help.


We recreated the website, improving the user experience by introducing eye-catching imagery and bigger, bolder fonts. We made the site fully responsive and introduced clear calls to action, led by our knowledge of veterinary clients’ online behaviour.

This visual approach made the Best Friends Vets site more appealing and enabled customers to quickly find what they were looking for.

As well as sprinkling keywords throughout the copy, we maximised search visibility by uploading three news stories onto the site each month.


In the first month of launching, Best Friends Vets increased the number of page views by 98%. Ultimately, we helped them to improve their website’s functionality and increase SEO.

“It is extremely important for us as a business to have an online presence as it allows our clients to keep in touch with us and enables new clients to register with us online.

Connected Vet have built us a website that is easy to use and is performing very well. I would definitely recommend them to any veterinary practice looking to grow their business online.”

Stefan Radermacher, Veterinary surgeon and clinical manager at Best Friends Vets