Why being reactive to national news pays for vets

Animal owners are passionate about their pets – so when a news story about pet welfare breaks in national media it generates interest and concern. Such events are an opportunity for vets to join the story as a reassuring local voice and, by reacting fast, individual practices come across as relevant and on the ball.

There have been two examples so far in 2016: 

January: BVA warns dog owners not to throw sticks for their pets

September: One in three dogs in the UK found with ticks

In both cases Connected Vet identified the stories as opportunities for our vets as both had significance for a population collectively owning 8.5 million dogs. Within a few hours of the reports, our vets had a news story on their website and their clients were notified of our vets’ stories by social media and later email.  

The news stories we crafted offered clients…

  • Essential tips, from their vet, for dealing with the animal welfare issues
  • A strong call to action to visit the practice for practical help
  • Downloadable step-by-step guides
  •  FAQs

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The results 


  • Each of our vet practices appears proactive and responsive, with news published within 12-24 hours of the national story breaking.
  • Increases in social media engagement, attracting peaks of shares, likes and peer tags.
  • Further promotion of issues and solutions via the CV email newsletters.


  • Many of our vets had around 50 page views within the first 12 hours.
  • 10% of users downloaded the step-by-step guide within the first 12 hours.
  • Clients engaged with the post on social media, producing an average of 400 views per vet per post.
  • There was an anecdotal increase in client visits to our vets.