The benefits of email for vets

If your vet business doesn’t send email newsletters to local clients, you could be missing out on real results in terms of competitive advantage. For every new pet registered at your practice there’s an owner needing attention too – and providing regular updates and advice can be a big help.

Monthly email newsletters remind clients that you’re there, but also provide an opportunity to raise awareness of animal health issues and demonstrate that your practice is the best choice for treatment and care.

And it doesn’t have to be hard work. Connected Vet provides monthly newsletters for practices all over the UK, featuring articles offering advice, guidance and occasional offers.

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How can email help your business?

Increase client visits

Each email links to news articles on your website, highlighting that you are a knowledgeable, friendly local vet. This extends your online presence and authority and encourages customer participation in any awareness programmes you may be running, from dental checks and weight clinics to food advice and offers.

Engage pet owners

Whenever your clients engage on social media as a result of monthly newsletters you increase location loyalty and recognition. Such interaction is also likely to lead to new clients thanks to word of mouth.

Enjoy great results from our emails

On average, our vets see the following results:

  • 25-38% of recipients open our monthly email newsletter
  • 20-25% of these click through to the articles on the website
  • Our emails perform at least 10% better than the industry average
  • Our vets have seen a higher percentage of clients coming in for minor treatments (year on year)

Our email service could really help you expand your customer base and increase traffic for your services and products – so have a chat with us to find out how to get started.

Ask us about our email service