Our pricing

Connected Vet offer a pricing policy to all vet practices to ensure you benefit from low cost digital marketing which competes with large vet groups and levels the playing field in your area.

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WEBSITE BUILD & CONTENTPOAIncludes personalised content/ Template choices/ Keyword optimised/ Responsive design  
NEWS & EMAIL PACKAGEPOAVet written news stories personalised to your practice  
Emails encouraging clients to visit your practice website
Secure database management
SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENTPOASocial posting across B2C and B2B channels
Social listening and responding
SEEDING & LINKING MANAGEMENTPOAMonthly management of website incoming links & offers
Seeding in your local area
SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL STRATEGYPOAAn annual marketing plan using proven tactics and content
CONTENT PLANNING GUIDEPOADownloadable guide enabling your ongoing digital marketing
PPC MANAGEMENTPOAMonthly pay per click campaigns
Account management and reports provided

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