Connected Vet is a digital and social marketing agency. Our aim is simple: we bring affordable and effective digital and social marketing to vets, their pet owners and animal lovers alike; giving vets the sort of on-line visibility that makes them the envy of the large scale competition.

Our services

Connected Vet keeps your vet practice top of mind with your clients and attracts new local pet owners to your website.

Our aim is to remove the nightmare of keeping all your digital assets up to date. Think of us as your extended Marketing team. We specialise in:

  1. Website build & content
  2. Weekly news stories
  3. Monthly email newsletters
  4. Social Media management
  5. SEO & PPC
  6. Digital Kick Start Package 

How your vet practice will benefit from Connected Vet:

  • Manage costs your way with modest set up costs 
  • Our vet trained writers know how to create content that your clients will relate to
  • Invaluable retail digital experience to give you a head start
  • Take the headache out of managing your digital assets

We have just launched our new Digital Kick Start Package.  A new product for independent veterinary practice start-ups.  It offers new veterinary businesses all the digital they need, at a rate that will help them through their first two years in business.  This package is an exclusive offer for Members of SPVS and or the VetShare buying group.

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Always fresh content on your vet practice website

We use our knowledge and skill to level the digital marketing playing field giving owner-managed practices access to technology and content that was only available to businesses with much larger marketing budgets.

Start at the beginning, a website that draws clients, needs great content. Our vet written content not only populates your website, keeping it fresh (monthly) but it works across your email newsletters, drives SEO and also provides a rich seam of material for all your social media needs. Connected Vet take all the pain out of your marketing with a small financial commitment.

Content to make your vet website better

We’ve advised a lot of vets, looked at their websites and the one thing that vets ask us is how to I keep my website up to date? That’s exactly what Connected Vet delivers at a cost that won’t break the bank.

We use our passion for pets and our technical expertise to mix a potent cocktail that means for your clients your website will be:

  • Up to date with good pet content and seasonal care sheets

  • Up to date news content that’s personalised to your business

  • Content that will significantly improve your website’s performance

  • Digitally, your marketing performance can now be on a par with the multi-site giants

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Enhance Sales Through Regular Communication

Regular email is one of the key ways to drive more business from your existing client base.  If you’re not already emailing your clients, then you should come and talk to the email experts at Connected Vet.

Our Email Newsletter module delivers news that’s personalised to your practice, with the option of adding practice specific news, for little more than most vets spend on traditional generic paper newsletters. Only this news goes straight to your clients' inboxes every month.

Each month our vet written email is sent to your own vet practice email database that links to a minimum of three stories or care sheets. It’s from you and personally addressed to your client. For a little extra you can switch on our bespoke message module and include news or offers that are specific to your practice (or we can write that for you).

At Connected Vet have a proven track record in driving real results that add to the bottom line in your vet practice drop us a line now and we can tell you how we have achieved this.

We use our expertise in email and pet knowledge so that your clients receive:

  • Responsive email templates that work on mobile phones

  • Personalised newsletters from your vet practice

  • Three well-written news stories circulated to your email database every month

  • Guaranteed to improve your email opening rate and click-through to your website

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We update your content monthly

Both relevant and refreshed content is what all the search engines (yes that’s Google) are looking for, do you really have the time to write and load new content on your website each month?  If you don’t Connected Vet have the perfect solution, contact us now and we can take the headache out of managing your vet practice website, no matter what platform it was built on.

The one certainty about your clients is that they love animals and are naturally drawn to content about their pets. By adding each month new, relevant, engaging and personalised (to your surgery) news content to your website not only will you encourage repeat visits but you’ll give your website’s SEO performance a shot in the arm too.

Using the same technology we use to personalise your email newsletters our care sheet and practice news module automatically adds regular, relevant and practice specific animal care sheet and news content to your website.

Forget about constantly worrying about next month’s content let Connected Vet keep your website brushed up with relevant information for your clients and future clients:

  • A minimum of three different pet news stories each month

  • Regular offers that will drive new clients into your vet practice

  • Useful information that keep you top of mind with your clients

  • Improvement of both your website visits and conversion of clients

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We provide more than a few cat videos

Social media can be an extremely effective way of engaging your current client base, a great way of getting happy pet owners to market your business for you and a useful tool in driving more business.

Social is about so much more than Facebook, yet more often than not the social space is poorly understood and because of this wastes Vets valuable resources. The Social Media team at Connected Vet understand the medium because we engage with thousands of people on a daily basis across a multitude of platforms.

What good social media for vets can achieve

In a word, engagement. The primary objective of social media for vets like you is to drive trust and confidence between your clients and your business. So what? Well when we build a community of engaged individuals for your business, they’ll talk about you on their social networks and the effect is viral.

Our Social Media Services cover all the important areas that will form the basis of an effective social action plan for your vet practice.

  • Social Planning – Find the right mix of socialtactics to combine with your digital assets

  • Social Posting – Making sure the material you post on your social streams is effective

  • Social Monitoring – Checking your social streams daily, that's seven days a week

  • Social Sharing – Adding a ‘social interaction layer’to your existing digital assets

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How does a vet practice get to the top of Google?

There are a number of good practices we can show you to improve your website’s popularity in search engine optimisation (SEO) such as using the correct keywords and local knowledge.  We can also manage a pay-per-click campaign to effectively drive new clients to your website.  Connected Vet have a team of digital experts that can pick up the marketing slack for your business.  We have a proven track record in maximising the digital opportunities from very small budgets.

Search-engine systems are constantly moving and developing, and we can explain the benefits and incorporate new opportunities so that your website stays usable and legal.

 Running out of ideas to draw in new clients to your vet practice?  We can create a cost effective campaign that suits your budget and helps you reach your objectives.  Connected Vet can show you how keywords and tracking of search terms, give a balance between paid and natural search that will achieve better long-term ranking.

  • Website audits that really help and actually advise on improving your ranking in natural search

  • Provide a seeding and linking strategy, within a budget, to drive volume to your website

  • Ensure the correct offers, keywords and brand tone are used for your practice

  • Manage a pay-per-click account that works for your vet practice at a low cost

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