The Call-to-Action: Why is it necessary?

Creating content for your practice’s social channels can be time consuming, so Connected Vet are sharing advice on simple but effective marketing tools that help practices to reach their marketing goals. 

One of the easiest tools to use in your marketing plan is a call-to-action. This simply means, including a clear instruction for the customer to take a specific action. 

Why is it important? 

Without including a call-to-action, what are you actually trying to achieve with your marketing strategy? If it’s to simply be a presence on socials, then using a call-to-action isn’t essential. However, if you are putting time and money into your social media and online profiles, you will surely have a goal you want to meet. Common examples include:

  • New client acquisition
  • An increase in appointment bookings
  • An increase in the sales of a specific product
  • Increase in website views 

Using a specific call-to-action within your content can help channel your customers towards the goal you are trying to reach. 

How do I use them? 

A call-to-action should be the finishing touch to whatever type of content you are posting. Whether it’s a Facebook post, an Instagram reel or a blog article on your website. Creating engaging and useful content that’s relevant to your clientele, followed up with a very clear call-to-action helps the customers to understand exactly what you want to achieve. Of course, in your content you have to advertise the benefits of how your call-to-action will benefit the customer – but with excellent customer service, top patient care and a fantastic digital presence, it would be hard for them to not see the value! 

Example of a call-to-action being used 

CV Vets want to encourage their Facebook audience to use their website’s registration form to register new pets with the practice. 

They have created a number of Facebook posts which detail the unique service they offer to clients and patients. This includes their own emergency care service, pet health plan and veterinary surgeons with advanced certificates. 

At the end of their Facebook posts, they are encouraging clients to register by including a link to the registration form on their website, along with a short blurb on how ‘simple it is to join the CV Vets family’. 

By describing the benefit of registering with the practice and making the process of registering simple for the Facebook user, they are likely to see a number of new client registrations from their social media plan. 

Without the call-to-action, the Facebook posts are perfectly adequate at describing the great service that CV Vets offers, but it isn’t obvious the action you want the client to take or how your service will directly benefit the user. 

Where to start with digital marketing 

If you’re struggling with your website management, content creation or social media profiles, contact Connected Vet for an informal discussion on how our unique agency service could benefit your practice. You will create lasting, meaningful relationships with our team of experienced marketers, who can become a useful asset to your practice’s income stream. 

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