Can independent veterinary practices afford ‘proper’ marketing?

The dilemma most independent veterinary practices face is that they really do want to do ‘proper’ marketing but they either don’t know how, think it’ll be too expensive or have had it hovering on their to-do list forever.

Sound familiar?

The fact is that, until recently, maintaining the modern basics of an up-to-date website, regular email newsletters and a buzzing Facebook page was something most practices could afford neither the time of the money to do.

This results in two common approaches;

  • Bursts of activity - A practice bursts into marketing life, writes a few news stories and promises themselves they’ll do ‘one a month from here on’…. They don’t.
  • A semi ‘bought out services’ approach – ‘We’ll get away with buying one of those printed newsletters and mailing it out every month with our booster reminders.’ Again, life takes over and within a month or two the newsletters pile up on reception desks and in offices.

Cost effective digital & content marketing

So how does the independent veterinary practice market itself cost effectively in 2018?

Well the good news is that up to date website and a monthly practice email to every client will put you in the digital marketing premier league.

But that costs a fortune…. right?  Well, that depends how you look at it. It typically costs less than buying a paper newsletter and posting it to your clients. It certainly costs less than doing nothing and letting the chain/multiple up the road slowly market you out of town.

The fact is that any modern business can’t really afford not to invest in digital marketing and like all specialist services they’ll typically buy that help in. And that’s where Connected Vet comes in.

If it’s an up-to-date website, regular email communication with your clients and content that’s personalised to your practice that you’re after, Why not drop us a lineand let us explain how all this can be yours from £250pcm.