Is your content up to scratch?

Is your online content up to scratch?

Content is something that’s easily taken for granted. We can all write in some form or another, can’t we? But the quality of your content can actually have a serious impact on the success of your vet business.

It’s not merely there to fill a web page and make it look pretty. It’s crucial in the impression that your clients (or potential clients) receive when they first discover your business online. Style, tone and substance all play a part in introducing the character and priorities of your vet practice.

Content also helps people find what they need on your website, or via social media. The right language can point them in the right direction, while the wrong description or tone could be a hindrance instead, causing them to give up look elsewhere. This could mean a new customer for your competitors.

And it’s also absolutely essential for search engine optimisation (SEO). If someone new in your area is searching for a vet practice – or wants to switch from their existing practice – you should make sure you feature as prominently as possible in Google results. Including the right keywords, and in the right way, can help you do this.

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So, what are the most important features of successful vet website content?

At Connected Vet, we feel strongly that it should be:


Think about how people will find and use your website – then make sure you create, drive and engage them with this in mind. The content should be optimised for search engines; promoted via email and social media; and then enjoyable to read. This will make your visitors keener to explore and pursue contact.


Consider your audience and think about what pet owners actually want to read. It could be seasonal care advice, tips for dealing with common problems or new developments at your practice, such as new staff members or treatments.


A local expert voice on national pet-related issues can be very appealing to owners living in your area. So, when important news breaks, make sure you publish your thoughts on it and help raise awareness. When shared on social media, this can drive people to your website and also help convince them of your authority, knowledge and experience in the world of animal matters. If you’d like to know more, take a look at our recent case study.


The quality, style and tone of your content should be maintained at all times – but so should its regularity. Connected Vet delivers three new pieces of content to our clients every single month, along with an email to help people discover it. As well as keeping you in the forefront of your customers’ minds – making a visit more likely – fresh content is something that Google loves.

Need help getting your website content up to scratch? We’re always happy to offer advice – so have a chat with us today.