COVID-19 Support for Clent Hills Vets

"When COVID-19 took hold in the UK and the government began implementing necessary restrictions, like everyone else, Clent Hills Vets was in unchartered territory.

As a vital service provider, we could still operate but needed to make big adjustments, fast. These included restricting pet care services, implementing social distancing measures, working with a reduced team, and having fewer/different types of interactions with clients and pets, all under strict government guidelines.

Pet owners were understandably worried about if and how their pet would be cared for in the coming days, weeks, and months.

Connected Vet, whom we’ve worked with for several years, were on the ball when it came to providing us with COVID-19 related content for our clients and supporting our business needs. 

In terms of content, we received timely, well-written, helpful articles that we could share on our blog, social media channels, and via email. The content included up-to-the-minute coronavirus information written as relatable FAQs, and topics that empathised with how our clients might be feeling and their concerns such as ‘Mental health benefits of having a pet when isolated’ and ‘What your pet will need if you’re self-isolating’.

As the lockdown progressed, the Connected Vet team supported our business needs by updating call-to-action instructions in their upcoming news content from ‘call us’ to ‘email us about routine topics’, which helped reduce calls to the practice and enabled us to prioritise urgent and essential pet healthcare.

Connected Vet has continued to provide staple and seasonal content to share with our clients, such as Springtime dangers for dogs, cats, and rabbits. This monthly news is now more vital than ever to help clients understand how to deal with typical health issues right now and to help us stay in touch with our clients.

In addition, the Connected Vet team was quick to offer us COVID-19 business support, via their free business continuity package. This included further coronavirus inspired content, an infographic, and a webinar. 

We’ve been able to utilise everything but the webinar at this point in time, and are hopeful we will have the opportunity to work with them on this soon."

Amy Holloway, Marketing Manager

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