Covid-19 webinar

Effective communication with clients is never so important than when there is a crisis.  We ran tests presenting a Covid-19 webinar for a couple of our practices last week and the client engagement was un-precedented, even by our standards.  

Even though you have not committed to working with us to build your website and run our monthly content marketing, we still want to help you keep all of your clients up to date.  So, during the Covid-19 outbreak, we’re offering a FREE ‘Covid-19 business continuity package’ and an optional ‘Client Engagement Package’ to help you keep clients engaged with your business throughout these unsettling times.

Free Package

This content is designed communicate basic animal welfare messages that are relevant to the developing situation.  It covers common FAQs about what your practice is doing during the crisis, as well as core animal welfare information for households that are following government social distancing guidelines.

As part of this free package you get a webinar and four pieces of content for your website.

Optional Ongoing Package

As we present the Covid-19 webinar, we have the option of asking your clients if they would be interested in future webinars on…

  • First aid for pets
  • Caring for senior pets
  • Exercise and managing pet obesity

In the webinars we ran last week nearly 94% of attendees said they would be interested in attending a webinar on one of those subjects

Each recording comes with an accompanying article.  Both the recording and the article can be hosted on your website and shared by email & in your social media channels.

If you are interested in either the free ‘Business Continuity’ or optional ‘Client Engagement’ package, please give us a call on 07734 741960 and we’ll send the docs over and organise a time to complete the recording.