Creating great emails that appeal to your clients

There are thousands of emails being created every day and if your vet practice isn’t among those sending them, they should be. But how does your vets practice stand out from the crowd in this email jungle?

It’s the ‘p’ word, people with pets respond to personalisation and relevance.

If they already have a relationship with your vet practice the expectation is that you know their name, the pet that you care for and the nearest practice. So getting those basics right in your email data are a must.

In short these are 5 ways you can improve your email communications today:

  • Vary the subject line on once email to test the strongest
  • Make the subject line personal using the pet name
  • Take note of the demographics among your database
  • Try different templates – multi versus single message
  • Timing is everything

Content is king

The subject line needs to have the greatest appeal as it is what will make the client open the email, trial different lines on the same email, split testing across your client database. Get more personal and relevant use the client detail you have to enrich your emails.  Make sure offers and subjects are pertinent to the demographics of your database.

Help them to act

Timing, as they say, is everything – offers should be appropriate to the time of day, month and year. And make sure you are sending emails giving your clients the appropriate amount of time to respond.

Connected Vet can help improve or set up email for vets

If all this email activity sounds like hard work for a vet that’s already run off your feet, drop us a line and we can start making your emails smarter and more responsive immediately from as little as £250 per month.

Ask us how email engagement can help your vets practice