Email newsletters: a cost-effective way to boost traffic and engagement


Clent Hills Vets wanted to increase engagement with their client base without moving from their existing email and web platforms. They asked Connected Vet to help drive more traffic to their website and encourage engagement through a monthly email newsletter.


We adapted our approach to fit their specific needs and integrated our content API (CAPI) with their existing platforms, finding a cost-effective way to send out useful, targeted content. Clients of Clent Hills Vets now receive a selection of relevant news stories each month, keeping them informed and engaged with minimal input from the vets themselves.


Beginning in July, Clent Hills Vets saw an immediate increase in email open rates, click rates, and organic web traffic to news. The huge boost in engagement continued into August, and even increased further.

From July to August alone, open rates increased by a further 3.66%, click rates increased by 5%, and there were 26% more visits to news stories on their website.

Case Study 

We began working with Connected Vet in July 2016 after meeting them at an event. We were really interested in the idea of having regular, timely and topical articles posted on our blog and emailed to our customers that had been proven to increase footfall and revenue.

It took around 12 months to get us completely set up, mainly as we required a more bespoke offering from Connected Vet than they were used to. Our veterinary group is a little different to many vets in the UK in that we have a dedicated marketing function, so we were already doing a lot of marketing activity. We saw the services offered by Connected Vet as a way to be more in the forefront of our clients’ minds.

We operate one website for three practices, and we didn’t want a news stream for each practice as we felt that would get complicated very quickly for our clients. We also went through a complete website re-design with another company, during the setup process with Connected Vet, which a) set us back a few months and b) meant we needed a more bespoke integration system with our new website.

Our first monthly campaign launched in July this year and it felt like a huge sense of achievement for everyone. Connected Vet have also helped us set up event goals for our new website, which has been a massive help.

We have found the team at Connected Vet to be extremely patient and a joy to work with. They regularly have ideas to improve other campaigns we are running and encourage us to try new things. They have a lot of knowledge about the veterinary industry and provide a good range of articles to choose from each month.