Four free ‘How to’ marketing advice webinars for independent veterinary practices

Connected Vet, have teamed up with VetShare to empower vets to market their practice more effectively in the post pandemic period.  

To do this they have created four free webinars that are specifically aimed at helping independent vets. The webinars cover popular digital marketing topics such as; Websites, Content Marketing, Pay per click & SEO marketing and web/email/social analytics.  

Each session will help VetShare Members get a better return from the time, money & effort they put into marketing their practice and communicating with clients.  Each webinar is packed with actionable insights and all will offer delegates an opportunity to ask practice specific questions. 

Below are a few details on each of the four sessions along with a registration link for VetShare members. 

How to buy a vet website - 12th January 8PM

A webinar that explains how independent vets might go about buying the best possible website to properly market their practice

It's a fact that if you ask most vets, they are not happy with their primary shop window for new and existing customers - their website.  In this 30 minute webinar we'll help you to understand the seven elements that make your website sink or swim.  Once you understand these seven simple ingredients, you'll be in the ideal position to fix your current website or build a new and more effective 'online digital presence'. 

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Content marketing for vets - 19th January 8PM

A webinar to help independent vets create a cost effective content marketing plan for their practice.

Having a website, a Facebook page or sending texts and emails to clients is all well and good, and it's as far as most practices go.  However most veterinary practices can get a much better return on the effort they put into the communications they push out to clients if they understand the value that content plays in their marketing efforts.  By creating and then working to even the most basic content plan a practice can generate a measurable return on the investment they make in marketing.  This webinar is for any practice that wants to supercharge their website news, email, texts and social posts, turning them from passive notes to active business builders.

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SEO& PPC for vets - 26th January 8PM

A webinar aimed at introducing the benefits of search engine optimisation & Google pay-per-click to independent vets

In the modern world of digital marketing, simply setting up a website and hoping for the best is unlikely to get your veterinary practice the results it needs.  In this short webinar, we'll be aiming to help independent veterinary practices understand why Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay Per Click marketing (PPC) are so important for veterinary practices that need their marketing efforts to have a measurable impact. 

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Web & email analytics for vets - 2nd February 8PM

A webinar that outlines the advantages an independent vet will gain from using website, email & social analytics can grow their practice.

When most independent veterinary practices have set up their website, started a Facebook page and perhaps sent clients a few texts or emails they tend to think the job is done.  However the ones that make digital marketing work for them also understand the power of interrogating the analytical data that's available to businesses operating in the web, email, text & social channels.  In this short webinar we'll introduce you to web, social & email analytics, where to find them, how to set them up better and how to interpret and use the information they reveal to grow your practice.

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