How a relevant monthly email keeps existing customers returning

A great opportunity to explore when hunting for new turnover is the one presented by encouraging existing clients to avail themselves of more of your services more often.

Many of the vets we work with soon come to realise that email can be one of the most cost efficient and effective mechanisims to drive extra footfall from existing clients. 

Best Friends Vets in Christchurch, have been working with us for the past 3 years on sending email newsletters out to their practice clients. The aim being to help drive more traffic to their website and encourage engagement with their clients.

They receive a selection of relevant animal news stories each month, pre-populated on the website keeping their clients informed and engaged with minimal input from Stefan himself, and a monthly email newsletter that goes out to the practice client base.

The service – monthly news and email

At the core of what Connected Vet does is content marketing. At the core of our Content Marketing efforts is our news and email service. We add three news stories a month to Best Friends Vets' website followed up by an email to drive their clients to read those stories.

Each month prospective clients sign up to receive what the practice calls its ‘Petcare news service’ and whilst not all of these people become clients, it’s definitely a new business opportunity.

The results


  • A website that’s always kept up to date with timely, relevant and interesting seasonal news
  • Regular (monthly) emails to existing client base and new sign ups


  • The Industry average for Open rate is 22.43%. Best Friends Vets open rates range between 35-51%, so they are over performing this average by up to 32%

  •  The Industry average for Click through rate is 2.42%. Best Friends Vets click through rate is between 20- 26%, so they are over performing this average by up to 23%

  • Best Friends emails will land in clients inboxes 11-15,000 times over the next 12 months
  • Over 20% of traffic driven to Best Friends Vets website is to the news pages

"It is extremely important for us as a business to engage with our existing clients at the practice and for the past three years, Connected Vet has consistently produced us quality content that keeps my clients coming back...I would definitely recommend them to any veterinary practice looking to grow returning business."

Stefan Radermacher, Best Friends Vets. 

If you’d like to see how up to date news and regular email communication can help your practice why not drop us a line.