How VetShare improved its online presence

Occasionally we find that a client’s website just needs a few tweaks and a refresh, rather than a full transformation, to significantly improve its presence. This was the case with VetShare.

The importance of a responsive website 

One of the main updates we undertook was to make the VetShare website responsive. The number of monthly visits from mobile or tablet devices to the site is increasing, so non-responsiveness would have been causing havoc to the user journey.

Making the site responsive has not only helped with Google and VetShare’s SEO ranking, it has made the user experience far easier and more pleasant.

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How a few small things can make a huge difference… 

In addition to upgrading the site design to responsive, we made a few changes that have had a huge impact on its usability and functionality:

  • Adding an online sign-up form has allowed suppliers and members to register online – previously this was not possible.
  • Segmenting the general enquiries form by type of enquiry has significantly improved the user journey and the admin side of the communication.
  • An enquiry button which follows the user around the website has provided the perfect call to action for potential VetShare members.
  • Adding a ‘services’ page has allowed VetShare to boast to potential new members about the wide range of services it provides.
  • Adding images to the ‘meet the team’ section has given the site a more personal feel.
  • Adding three new pages for privacy, data & cookies and FAQs has provided essential user information.
  • Developing the suppliers’ page has allowed VetShare to highlight its key suppliers and the benefits of becoming a VetShare member.
  • Introducing a Twitter widget to highlight topical and relevant content has allowed the site to remain constantly up to date and active.

The combination of these changes has improved the look, functionality and modern feel of the VetShare site.

“One of the main objectives of my role at VetShare was to improve communications with members and potential members and a key tool to reach them is a website. My aim was to make the website as user friendly as possible, informative and intriguing so that more people visited the site and got in touch as a result. CV carried out an extensive audit, shared the findings and provided solutions, in a clear and structured way, explaining the “jargon” as we went along. I have felt supported by CV all the way along the journey and am delighted with the results”.

Anita Bates, Buying Group Business Manager, VetShare UK

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