How Vetstoria partnership improves the bottom line for vet practices

Websites are a key component in the customer journey and the ideal opportunity to improve engagement and loyalty. Outdated websites that don’t satisfy today’s savvy user, are a missed opportunity and can hurt the bottom line. 

Connected Vet has been delivering modern, high-performing websites and content marketing services to vet practices for many years. Our partnership with Vetstoria is a great example of how having a website that engages users can have a measurable outcome, when you add in a feature-rich online booking app.  

Best Friend Vets in Christchurch are testament to how the partnership between Connected Vet and Vetstoria can really benefit practices.

The Challenge

Many vet practice websites are out of date when it comes to content, functionality, and performance. They have essentially become redundant by failing to keep up with current web standards and meet client expectations. 

Websites without modern necessities like mobile-friendly 24/7 online scheduling, are a headache for pet owners and vets.  

The Solution

An up-to-date, mobile-friendly website that delivers a streamlined user experience for vet clients, with quick & easy appointment booking.

A content and email marketing service that engages clients and drives them to the website and into the booking process.

The Results

Better client experience & increased bookings - book anytime, anywhere.

Better staff productivity - less time spent coordinating appointments & doing admin

Uplifted web stats & measurable results - detailed analytics and reporting

Positive bottom-line impact - improved client retention and increase in new clients

Designed specifically for vet practices, Vetstoria’s software offers seamless integration and real-time appointment booking. Vets can cater for the 70% of pet owners who prefer to book online, 60% of appointments made on mobile devices, 52% of appointments booked outside of office hours, and 17% of online appointments that come from new clients.  

Client engagement is at the heart of Connected Vet’s website and content marketing services. An engaged client is using more services, spending more money, returning to the practice, and telling their friends about it.

Case Study

Stefan Radermacher, Vet & Owner of Best Friend Vets, understands the importance of using both Connected Vet for their website and marketing content, and Vetstoria for online booking:

“The thoughtfully crafted stories written by Connected Vet aren’t just there to educate and provide pet news. The aim is to increase engagement with cleverly positioned call-to-actions like "book an appointment", and that’s where Vetstoria comes in. This will ensure that returning clients have Best Friends at the forefront of their minds, encouraging them to book vaccinations and health checks, which benefits pets and it makes a lot of business sense. 

 What’s great about Vetstoria is that our staff love it, our clients love it, and the integration with our PMS and Connected Vet website makes the client journey succinct. We’re seeing a definite growth in the number of clients who choose to book online.” 


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