How we helped to boost RBB Vets' social media


When Rogers, Brock & Barker Vets (RBB) approached us, they were finding it difficult to attract and correspond with clients via social media. A lot of the time they were encouraging clients to interact but not engaging with them once they were there or posting too often so the engaging content was lost. The difficulty was, that there were multiple people acting as admin as the account and the majority of time they relied of the others to respond to messages or post. Contrastingly, when people did post it appeared that they were almost over posting and therefore almost filling followers news feeds with non-


We ran a 30-minute webinar for a handful of staff at each of the RBB practices. Getting the staff all together in one place would always be a challenge but a webinar means they can log in from anywhere and attend. The half an hour webinar included tips on the right content to post, when to post, how often and how to engage. This information was based on multiple years of experience working on social media and with veterinary practices.


Social media webinar was run on 12th October, since then we have seen the following results:

  • We have seen a 50% increase in the amount of people who like the page each week. Doubling the amount of new audience members for the practice each week.
  • More engaging content is being produced with an average of 1.5K people being reached per posts and engagement levels as high as 400 likes and shares on a single post.
  • Pet owners appear to be enjoying the more personal content being uploaded by the practice with posts getting as many as 100 comments.
  • Post engagements increased by 285% from November – December
  • Reach of posts increased by 77%
  • Page views increased by 282%
  • Page likes increased by 40% in total

“After the webinar with Connected Vet, I definitely feel that my team had a better understanding of social media & how our clients use it. Using a webinar format for delivering the content meant that my staff could access it remotely and also at a later date. Andrew, who led the webinar, really managed to get our staff involved & through the training, it has made them proud to showcase our surgery.”

 Lucy Turner- Clinical Director, RBB Vets

 If you think your social media is not performing to its full potential or your practice staff could benefit from future training, why not contact us and book your webinar today. 

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