How websites generate business for vets

How your vet website can generate business

Though it’s rare these days to come across an organisation without a website, some business owners are still mystified by the need for an online platform; and how it can be turned into a valuable asset.

As a vet, first and foremost, a website is an easily accessible brochure for your practice. It’s there to help people discover you and learn more about you, in a way they can’t do from simply walking past your premises or hearing about you from a friend.

A successful website draws in your target audience and allows them to become familiar with what you have to offer – usually leading to a decision of whether or not to contact you.

From this contact, of course, could emerge your next client – leading to frequent, long-term revenue from appointments and treatments for their pet (or pets).

Start improving your website

To make sure you encourage real-life visitors as well as online ones, your website should:

  • Be SEO-friendly – helping potential clients find you via Google and other search engines
  • Look professional – with attractive images and text that’s easy to read and understand
  • Provide useful content – to demonstrate your knowledge and experience of animals
  • Make it easy for people to contact you – give people options and be clear about opening times
  • Be mobile-friendly – as many people use their smartphones and tablets to find information
  • Be consistent – with both your offline branding and any other parts of your online presence, such as social media pages

Furthermore, it should feature engaging content that’s easy to share; calls to action on every page, to encourage contact; and an opportunity to sign up for your email newsletter. Email is a great way to keep you at the forefront of your clients’ minds by offering monthly advice (via a link to articles on your website).

You must also keep an eye on your website statistics to find out which pages and articles are most popular, as well as discovering how your visitors are finding you – whether via search engines, social media or email. Then you know which areas need improvement.

Want to know more about using your vet website to generate business? Get in touch with our friendly team to start making changes.