Making a vet website more attractive to customers


Veterinary practice Vets On The Park asked us to help them create an improved website and social media strategy.

The website was visually content-heavy and did not encourage users to navigate further or contact the clinic.

It also lacked a responsive design, so did not work well on all devices – instead relying on a separate mobile website.

Also, although the client was using social media, it was not closely linked with the website content or seasonal themes.


CE created a new website to deliver a streamlined user experience (UX) with strong SEO features and refreshed content.

The benefits included:

  • Responsive design – Now suitable for all devices.
  • Clear calls to action – Informed by our knowledge of the way vet customers behave online, we mapped out a user journey that was logical and easy to follow.
  • Creation of relevant, useful content – We implemented a keyword-rich SEO strategy to improve the website’s search status, within high-quality content. We also refreshed masked content for a more personalised experience.
  • Improved news – Adding three news stories each month allows Google to recognise regular updates to the website, which boosts search engine visibility.
  • Improved social media strategy – Our schedule of posts was designed to encourage website visits, with clear calls to action to aid conversions.


Following the changes, we and the client are very pleased to see that:

  • Visits to the site have increased by 40%
  • The number of users on the site has increased by 31%
  • Page views have grown by 40%
  • Mobile visits have increased by 134%
  • The bounce rate has reduced by 6%
  • Socially, organic reach is up by 242% month-on-month; while post engagements have increased by 138%

Would your vet website benefit from a similarly in-depth makeover? If so, get in touch with our friendly team of experts to get started.

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