A new product for a new age of veterinary content marketing

It was US digital guru Seth Godin who first stated that ‘Content Marketing really is the only marketing that’s left’,  and that’s as true today as it ever was.  You only have to look at the way the media is currently flapping over AI generated images to realise that a reliable supply of trustworthy content is worth its weight in Bitcoin.

Ask us about interesting content

Yet for many SMEs, especially in the Veterinary sector, curating and distributing a regular supply of quality content is practically impossible to achieve, let alone monetise.  That’s why Connected Vet created our Content API (CAPI) back in 2016.  And it’s why we’re launching an updated version in 2024.

Why is CAPI 2.0 a big deal?

CAPI was conceived as a system that would combine an informed content planning strategy for veterinary practices, with cutting-edge tech. The system was built to deliver a stream of practice personalised animal care articles, punctuated by the odd commercial message, straight into the inbox of engaged clients… for a reasonable level of investment …  Whilst CAPI did that, it also loaded practice websites with fresh weekly content that clients actually find informative and enjoyable to read.

Fast forward to Spring 2024 and we’re incredibly excited to be launching CAPI 2.0.  Our new CAPI system delivers the same core promise, but it does it on a new technology stack that makes the service more secure, flexible and  valuable than ever before.   CAPI 2.0 will allow us to hyper personalise email, it will be even more compliant with the Data Protection Act (2018) and it’ll give our clients more flexibility than ever to better tailor the delivery of their content plans. 

Animal care content that excites

The animal care content that flows through CAPI 2.0 is based on over 15 years- experience of what makes veterinary practice focussed content marketing work.  The resulting output is a million miles away from the random stream of consciousness, that most veterinary practices dribble onto their websites.  The content plans that feed CAPI 2.0 also stand in stark contrast to the mechanical ‘one size fits all’ social posting plans that many practices are reduced to.

If you’re an independent veterinary practice who longs for an always up to date website.  Or if you’re a practice owner who’s interested in seeing how content marketing can help you achieve your operational or financial objectives. Then please drop us a line and we’ll explain how our team and the shiny new CAPI 2.0 can help your practice stand out in an increasingly noisy digital environment.