Struggling with Social? How we helped one client double their online community

We understand how time consuming running a busy vet practice can be. So, whilst business owners know they need to ‘do’ social media, many just don’t have the time or the skills in-house to do it consistently and effectively.

Whilst these platforms are ‘free’ to use, every business needs a social media strategy and some time and budget to focus on the planning, creation and delivery of the content you publish on your social media channels. 

At Connected Vet, we have a number of clients that we help manage their social channels, whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even LinkedIn. Creating relevant and engaging content plans ensuring they are reaching their target audience and growing their social communities every month.

Plus, with changes in platform algorithms meaning a significant decline in organic reach (meaning only a small percentage of your fans will see your posts), we advise when you need to ‘pay to play’ to amplify your reach and attract new customers. Facebook ads are relatively inexpensive when compared to traditional print, radio or TV ads and are 1,000 times more targeted.

But if we can’t convince you, lets let the results of one of our clients do the talking…

  • We doubled their number of Facebook page ‘likes’ in 3 months.
  • Created a post that ‘went viral’ achieving an organic reach of over 6,000 and nearly 60 ‘shares’
  • Trialled a ‘boosted’ post with just a £15 budget and the results were…
  • Over 4,000 video views
  • A total reach of 6,494
  • Cost per video view £0.01

If you think Connected Vet can help with your Social Media Strategy, then please Contact Us and we will be happy to help.