Using SEO and PPC to engage pet owners

Sometimes, getting a bit technical can make all the difference to the success of a website – but that doesn’t mean a complicated result. Learn how we helped a vet website attract and retain more website visitors, thus increasing the chance of new customers.


Our client Hyde Park Veterinary Centre asked us to help them drive new registrations from local pet owners, by drawing them to an improved website.

The website had no SEO strategy, including a URL structure that wasn’t Google-friendly – which meant they couldn’t properly monitor visits. It also lacked internal links between pages.

A non-responsive design was also causing problems, along with heavy content that was not optimised or styled to create a straightforward user journey.

Finally, there was no regular news appearing on the site, which meant Google and other search engines thought it was outdated; and there was no strategy for paid search, despite having it in place – and thus little return on investment.


Our team of digital marketing experts created a new website which was tailored for the needs and habits of pet owners.

The benefits included:

  • A streamlined user experience (UX) – With clear calls to action to encourage conversions; and refreshed masked content to deliver a personalised feel.
  • Improved design – Allowing the website to be viewed on mobile devices.
  • SEO and paid search (PPC) strategies – Following rich keyword research, these were developed and implemented to maximise the website’s visibility within search results.
  • Responsive design – Now suitable for all devices.
  • Improved news – Adding three news stories each month allows Google to recognise regular updates to the website, which boosts search engine visibility.


Following the changes, we and the client are very pleased to see that in month 1-2:

  • Visits to the site have increased
  • The number of users on the site has increased by over 2000%
  • Page views have grown
  • The website’s bounce rate has been significantly reduced
  • Now the design is responsive, it’s clear that mobile and tablet visits make up over 50% of the current traffic
  • Organic visits have increased
  • Paid search has driven a high number of visits to the site, meaning our campaign has contributed 57% of traffic overall

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