A well-oiled content engine that keeps our clients in the know

"We’ve been receiving regular content articles from Connected Vet straight into our company blog since July 2017, which is then emailed to our clients at the end of every month - it’s the perfect solution for our busy practice.

Although we have a marketing manager working across the Clent Hills Veterinary Group, with the addition of a new practice at Rubery in 2017 and the opening of a purpose-built, state-of-the-art pet fitness and rehabilitation centre in 2018, at times that resource can be spread quite thin.

Knowing that at least three pet related articles will appear in our blog without fail each month, has enabled us to tackle other opportunities and challenges knowing that our content engine is still ‘well oiled’.

The content we receive is well written and covers a range of topics for our clients to enjoy. It’s really refreshing to have articles that focus on things like ‘having fun whilst exercising with your dog’, fun pet tech and gift ideas, and even ‘how to teach your rabbit a few tricks!’ 

Our business is pet healthcare, however, we believe that the relationship and experiences a pet enjoys with it’s owners contribute to its overall health and happiness. That’s why Connected Vet’s content is so invaluable.

We post a lot of Connected Vet’s articles on our social media channels, which helps us to consistently deliver a good variety of interesting content to our audiences.

We also take some of their reactive stories as extra content, which has enabled us to put something professional out there without much effort and keep owners in the know.

Part of Connected Vet’s content service is to email our clients with our chosen articles at the end of every month, and this has been a game-changer for us as it was something we were struggling to do consistently before we started working with them.

It’s impressive to see that our email campaign open and click through rates are always higher than industry average, and this is backed up by our Google Analytics data; in our 2018 review we saw a 108% year on year increase in the number of referrals coming through to our website, with a high proportion of these coming via email services.

Having the option to edit the articles is a real bonus too as sometimes we might want to relate the story to another vet or nurse, or there might be advice or a protocol that we do differently at Clent Hills Vets. The CAPI system is easy to use and the team at Connected Vet are always happy to help if and when we need it.

We couldn’t ask for a nicer or more professional team to work with than Connected Vet."

Amy Holloway, Marketing Manager, Clent Hills Vets