Why vets should do email

Why do email? Vital communication for vets

If you have a vet business but don’t send email newsletters to local clients, it’s definitely time to start. Once a new pet has been registered at your practice, your relationship with their owner will need attention too – and sending regular updates and advice can be a big help.

Not only does it remind clients that you exist, so they’re more likely to attend for regular appointments; but also gives you an opportunity to raise awareness of common animal health issues; and demonstrate that your vet practice is the best choice for treatment and care.

Best of all, it doesn’t have to be hard work for you. Connected Vet provides monthly newsletters for practices all over the UK, each featuring three news articles offering advice, guidance and the occasional offer for pet owners.

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So, how exactly does email help your business?

Get clients to visit more often

Each email links to news articles on your website, which show off your role as a knowledgeable, friendly local vet. The articles also include a strong call to action, which aims to drive clients into your vet practice and create greater footfall.

This could make the huge difference between a client only bringing their dog in for annual vaccinations once a year; and coming in every other month for dental checks, weight clinics, food advice and offers.

Engage pet owners

Our news is reactive, seasonal and topical – which means it’s always the most relevant for pet owners. The majority of our vets see their clients engage with them on social media as a result of receiving their monthly newsletter – and even more enter the practice to purchase a service or product they may not have previously considered.

Enjoy great results from our emails

The success of our email newsletters proves that pet owners really enjoy engaging with their local vet practice. On average, our vets see the following results:

  • 30-40% of pet owner recipients open our monthly email newsletter
  • 20-25% of these choose to click through to read the articles on the website
  • Our emails perform at least 10% better than the industry average
  • Our vets have seen a higher percentage of clients coming in for minor treatments (year-on-year)

Our email service could really help you strengthen relationships with pet owners on your books – and attract more clients – so have a chat with us to find out how to get started.