Why vets should invest in video

Why vets should invest in video

Did you know that the average person loses concentration after only 8 seconds? Whether online or offline, that’s often your tiny window to grab the interest of a potential client.

And as the human brain processes visual elements much, MUCH faster than text, the popularity of video is constantly on the rise. YouTube has over a billion active users every month, while video-driven social media platforms such as Snapchat are also doing well. In fact, the latter overtook Twitter in 2016. 

So, what does this mean for your vet practice? The same applies to pet owners as to everyone else: People want information quickly, whether for entertainment or something more serious. So by investing in video, you could help address this need head-on.

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Video appeals to multiple senses and can be understood extremely fast, whether offering pet advice or depicting amusing behaviour by a dog or cat. Many of the most successful and widely shared videos on social media feature animals – so as a vet, you’ve already got a head start. You could even be the next viral star.  

Plus, when you’re aiming to win over new clients, trust is incredibly important – and especially in the realm of animal care. A video provides your potential customers with an opportunity to ‘put a name to the brand’ and get an impression of how you and your practice operate.

Fortunately, videos are no longer expensive or complicated to produce, so any investment you make can go further than you might think. If you have a smartphone, good lighting and a decent internet connection, you just need to think about what you’d like to feature.

If you’d like to know more about video and how it could help your vet business, contact Connected Vet to share our ideas.