Grow new client registrations by 70% with a 6 week marketing plan

How to grow new client registrations

When we speak to our clients there are three things they nearly all ask us to help them with. Vets want; More client registrations, More members for their Pet Healthcare Scheme and more pets with insurance.

Forest Vets in Nottingham were a case in point.  After an unusually unsettled period for the city centre practice, their Head Vet, Mark Thirkell, had bought stability and direction to the business and needed help to capitalise on his hard work by attracting new clients. 

Mark had used our content marketing services over his 18 month tenure and asked us to help him create, promote and run an event to ‘Attract new clients and give some value back to loyal patrons of the business’.

The campaign - Forest Vets First Aid evening

Having seen him ‘perform’ before we asked Paul Uglow from Norbrook Laboratories to help us run a pet first aid evening.  All we needed to do was fill it with pet lovers….

Our six-week content marketing campaign comprised:

  1. Emails, Postcards & Invitations to existing clients backed up with a telephone campaign to the most loyal
  2. Leaflet door drops to carefully targeted and selected postcodes around the practice
  3. A local PR campaign that saw Mark featured on BBC radio Nottingham, in the Nottingham Evening Post and on local digital TV station Nottingham TV
  4. Blanket coverage of Forest’s website, social & in house (notice boards) channels

Download our event marketing plan

The results


  • The initial event was sold out with over 60 attendees
  • A waiting list of 20+ people was set up for a second event
  • Mark appeared twice on Radio Nottingham, twice on Nottingham TV and a number of times in the local press
  • Staff at the practice enjoyed the event so much they have re-instated


  • In the days following the event new client registrations rose from an average of 1.5 a day to over 5 a day
  • On one day over 20 new clients registered
  • Compared to the month before the event new client registrations rose by 70%

See a snapshot of Forest’s event